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Perceptyx - "Why We're Here"


Surveying the surveyors. // March ‘17

Perceptyx is an employee survey company that services Fortune 500 clients all over the world, from tech giants to hospitality conglomerates to medical companies. They use a highly-advanced and customizable survey platform to analyze big data from thousands of employees at a time, and partner with HR leadership within those companies in a consultative role to help them understand how to bring the most out of their internal talent.

Perceptyx reached out to Firehouse Creative to create a video for the relaunch of their survey platform: a massive UI/UX overhaul that completely reinvigorated their service. We used people from within the company and had the final edit turned around in less than a week from the first day of shooting, to be unveiled at their first annual Perceptyx Innovation Conference in San Diego for their clients.