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Kenny Finn - "I Feel Fine"

I wanna feel fine, I wanna feel fine.


I wanna feel fine, I wanna feel fine. // September ‘17

Kenny Finn, one-half of the duo Private Lives, is allowed to write his own music apart from bandmate Nate Barcalow. Learning the ropes of cinematography himself, he came to me with the idea of learning some lighting and camera skills while making a viable product at the same time. He had recently written "I Feel Fine" and decided this would be the guinea pig. We set up in our church's recently-vacated previous building: 40ft ceilings, and enough floor space to effectively negate the need for flagging lights. 

We had the idea of duality, silhouettes, and contrast being at the focus. We accomplished this by lighting sparse, using thrown-out PAR lights mounted on the railing of the church's scissor lift (did I mention $0 budget?), a king-size white bedsheet as a huge soft wrap, and The Worlds Oldest Gels which were colorized further in post. Some cute editing tricks, motivated color choices, and a killer song earned this one a spot in my reel.