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S2 E1: Clients From Hell w/ Kyle Carpenter

This episode was recorded on February 7th, 2019.

This is episode 1 of season 2! That’s right, season format. Besides being an excellent copout for a 9-month break, there are some legitimate benefits to it, so this is the new wave moving forward. Episodes will be twice a month, 12 episodes total, season break, repeat. Because of these breaks, the news segments will obviously be dated badly, SO, I’m gonna maybe periodically insert specific news-only episodes in between to just talk current events as I see fit, and those will have a guest on for the whole thing to talk shop with. I will also be posting companion blogs for each episode at Sound good? Good.

A lot has happened since LAST MAY (ew) with Matt Johnson. Ok, so in June, I started with the family business, doing content creation and marking and some operational backend stuff. Basically what I do for Firehouse, just full time. Probably the two biggest things to come from that are 1) the vlog on our youtube channel, which you can find by searching “Step By Step LFC” or “Langdon Floorcovering” on Youtube. 2) The app we’re developing, to streamline our own process and eventually release it at scale, more on that as it’s ready. If you’re in the pocket of southern California below LA, above San Diego, west of the desert, and in need of flooring, you can visit We have a mobile showroom that comes to you with product samples on board, so you can see what its all gonna look like in your house with your lighting and decor. We take measurements with a laser-guided proprietary system and get you an estimate before we leave the house! Once again, that’s

In October, my girlfriend Kailey and I decided to get married! We picked December 8th as the big day, so with 60 days, I couldn’t wait for her custom ring to get built before proposing and planning like normal, so I started the build with the jeweler, got a $40 ring on Amazon, popped the question, signed up for The Knot, and away we went! Her actual wedding ring got finished, we pooled like $10k toegther, and threw what about a dozen people told us was “the most fun and meaningful wedding they’ve ever been to”, so take that, Kim and Kanye…. The irony? Didn’t hire a videographer. On purpose. Also, our wonderful photographer friends Jace and Jess Whitaker at Luminescent Co. came and shot for like 30 minutes just to get the formal stuff out of the way, we passed out disposable cameras, and let the people do the rest. So I have a wife now.

Finally, in the middle of all that, we moved from my 600sf studio, and her 800sf apartment and into an 1800sf 3-bedroom, two story house, so needless to say it’s roomy in here. That said, if you notice a little reverb, I’m in my new office which is basically a bare room save for my desk. I’ll probably get some acoustic treatment at some point but for now, we’re roughing it out. The upside is, I can actually use my computer instead of barricading myself in the walk-in closet.

In this episode, I chat with Kyle Carpenter, editor-in-chief of Clients From Hell, a crowdsourced aggregate blog featuring humorous horror stories from all walks of the creative field. We talk copywriting, client expectations and educating, and stand-up comedy. Enjoy!

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